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Selling a House

In order to make the process as smooth as possible there are various details and documents we will need from you.
These include:

  • Some personal identification
  • The price of the property
  • Details of any special terms you have agreed with the buyer
  • Any special factors you would like us to take into account (such as the time of your move. Is this tied in with a new job or a change of school for your child?)
  • Details of fixtures and fittings being taken/left at the property
  • Replies to the queries raised in the Seller's Property Information Form (which we will supply to you)
  • Details of any guarantees affecting the house such as damp proof guarantee, NHBC guarantee
  • Name of the estate agents



You will want to know from us how much the overheads will be and how much our legal fees will be. We will happily supply all this information to you and will always confirm it to you in writing. If you would like to receive a quotation by e-mail, please feel free to either call us or email us.

Once we are formally instructed by you we will be able to start the process.

The various stages of the selling process are set out below.




Verifying your identity to comply with Money Laundering Regulations
Since the coming into force of several new pieces of legislation including the Proceeds of Crime Act, it is necessary for us to verify the identity of all our clients.

Obtaining details of your title to the property
In most cases, we will obtain electronic “Official Copies” of your title documents direct from HM Land Registry.  However, if your title is not registered, we will produce an “Epitome of Title” to prove your ownership.  We will also contact your mortgage lender to ask them whether they hold any documents which we will need to sell your house, such as the NHBC certificate, copy planning permissions etc.

Obtaining from you completed Property Information and Fixtures and Fittings Forms
We will ask you to complete these forms at an early stage. They give the buyer information about such things as boundary ownership, disputes, whether any building works have been carried out, what items you are taking and which you are leaving etc.

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Preparing the draft contract
We will draft the contract for the sale of the house and submit it to the buyer's solicitors for their approval.

Obtaining a redemption figure from your mortgage lender for information purposes (which we will ask you to check)
We always ask for a redemption figure at this stage so that any discrepancies come to light and can be dealt with, for example, early redemption penalties.

Asking you to respond to additional queries raised by your buyer's solicitors
The buyer's solicitors will almost always raise some additional queries about the house which will forward to you for your reply.

Asking you to sign your part of the contract ready for exchange of contracts
We will ask you to sign your part of the contract at a relatively early stage so that we are not holding things up when it comes time to exchange contracts.

Agreeing a completion date
We will liaise with you over preferred dates for completion.

Exchanging contracts
When a date has been agreed and everyone is ready to proceed, contracts will be exchanged. This is done by telephone and you buyer will pay a deposit on exchange of contracts which, if you have a related purchase, we will utilise in paying the deposit on your purchase. Otherwise we will hold the deposit as stakeholders pending formal completion of the transaction.

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Approving the transfer document and asking you to sign it
We will approve the transfer document and ask you to sign it and return it to us in good time before the completion date.

Obtaining a final mortgage redemption statement
Once the fixed date is known, we will obtain an accurate redemption figure from your mortgage lender made up to the date of completion.

Preparing a financial statement showing the amount of the net proceeds of sale
We will prepare this statement once we have the final redemption figure from your mortgage lender. The statement will show the amount of the net proceeds of sale and will ask you for your instructions regarding this money. Normally we will pay it to your bank on the day of completion using CHAPS but we can send you a cheque if you prefer.

Completing the purchase
On the date fixed for completion, moving day, you will be moving out of your house, if you have not done so already, and we will notify you as soon as the purchase monies arrive in our bank from your buyer's solicitors so that you know when it is safe to hand over the keys of your house to your buyers.

Redeeming your mortgage on the property and supplying evidence of this to your buyer's solicitors
We will redeem your mortgage by paying the amount outstanding to your mortgage lender by CHAPS and will supply to your buyer’s solicitors the requisite evidence that this has been done.

Account to you for the proceeds of sale
We will also send to you the amount of the net proceeds of sale.

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